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   It Is a beautiful story of two strong women who share not only an amazing life long friendship but an overwhelming love for jewelry design. 

    It is a story of Rinat, a teacher, and of Orna, a high tech marketing executive, who decided one bright and sun filled afternoon to reinvent them selves together and to create the wonder that we know today as OR Design, one of premier prestigious jewelry design boutiques in Israel.

    OR's unique designs draw many of their features from the world's OR different meaning. It is French for "gold".
In the Kabbalah it is used to describe something which is good and pure, and staying true to the Hebrew meaning of "light" OR's designs light up every one who wears them.

   OR design ethos is as vast and varied as its customers.
An amazing ability to create designs from street fashion to haute couture has kept OR at the top of its game. Whilst being influenced and inspired by many culture and moving facets of trends the OR signature is always present.

   All its designs are hand-made with the highest quality materials unique European crystal stones, Swarovski gems and crystals, top quality leather and specially designed elements.

   OR sell to the top boutiques and department stores around the world.
Gracing the pages of top,  popular magazines in Israel.